AREAS OF OPERATION: South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Myanmar, Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, USA.

SERVICES: Risk & Security Management, Intelligence & Data Analysis as well as Dispute Resolution.


Focus Group conducted threat assessments in the USA on the Atlantic Coastal Pipeline.

Successful completion of an exploration oil drilling operation in Somalia.

The UN Security Monitoring Group praises the client’s security services provider for its transparency and its efforts to comply with the sanctions regime … (which) arguably represent best practices for private security companies in Somalia”.

An Oil & Gas company in Madagascar had their operating license revoked. The solution was provided not through litigation, but by engaging with the correct political role players. Focus Group facilitated the entire process.


AREAS OF OPERATION: Angola, Botswana, DRC, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Somalia.

SERVICES: Facilitated the sourcing and delivery of medical and hospital supplies, camp design, construction and supply of equipment; and water purification products.


Provided a turn-key logistics solution for UNAMSIL (Sierra Leone) for the construction of aircraft hangar facilities at Lungi and Hastings Air Force bases. Design and construction of 200-man camps for Nigerian, Pakistani and Indian armed forces in Sierra Leone.

Eight years of uninterrupted supply of medical and hospital equipment for Comprehensive Health Services Inc. The US medical management services provider supports US Military and subcontractors in the Middle East and Africa.

Supplied mobile solar power stations that can generate up to 35 KW constant supply, for Vodacom telecommunications network in the mountain regions of Lesotho. In addition supplied and commissioned six 1.5 megawatt power plants to the diamond recovery plants in Northern Angola, in support of De Beers’ alluvial diamond operations in the region.


AREAS OF OPERATION: Angola, DRC, Mozambique, Kenya and Liberia.

SERVICES: Intelligence-led risk solutions, Intelligence & Data as well as Dispute Resolution.


Providing risk management solutions to an international mining company, which mines the largest coal deposit in Africa.

Through employing risk mitigation procedures, Focus Group assisted a major mining company in not declaring force majeure. Restructuring the security solutions of a major state-owned diamond mine, reducing losses incurred by 80%.


AREAS OF OPERATION: South Africa, Botswana and India.

SERVICES: Cybersecurity, Intelligence and Data Analysis as well as Counter Terror Financing and Anti Money Laundering.


Providing a cybersecurity solution to the Indian and Botswanan stock exchanges.

Facilitated insurance cover for a major publicly listed Oil and Gas company for a drilling project in Somalia, including favourable insurance rates based on risk mitigation measures.

Identified a takeover target in the South Africa market and conducted due diligence for a private European bank.


AREAS OF OPERATION: Numerous African countries; including South Africa, Mozambique, Ghana, Guinea and Angola.

SERVICES: Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection as well as Intelligence and Data Analysis.


Cross national anti-counterfeit investigations, operations and seizures that allowed Focus Group to develop and support a powerful, unique anti-counterfeit database and information platform.