About Us

Focus Group is a diversified, intelligence-led risk management company. We advise on, execute and deliver risk management solutions using a holistic and pro-active approach with the objective of helping our clients become more resilient in an increasingly complex, global and digitalised risk environment.

Focus Group has over 20 years of hands-on experience dealing with complex risk and security situations. We provide appropriate risk scenarios to help clients at strategic decision-making and operational levels to identify, understand and mitigate risk, as well as to respond to crisis situations. This is achieved through our wide and well-established network in combination with our deep appreciation for the cultural complexities, diversity, and nuances in the countries we operate.

RHULA INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS is a fully licenced Mozambican company founded almost a decade ago. Rhula Intelligent Solutions is the operating entity of Focus Group in Mozambique. 51% of the company is owned by our local Mozambican partners and 49% by Focus Group.

Some Quick Facts

  • Over 20 years of experience operating in challenging environments
  • Worked in 47 of 54 African countries
  • Highly experienced in-house analyst team interpreting information and data
  • Advanced data analysis software to research the web, deep and dark web
  • In-house risk management personnel deployed in countries of operation
  • Deep understanding of the cultural nuances and diversity in countries of operation
  • Program Of Negotiation (PON) participant at Harvard Law School