Joe van der Walt (Chief Executive Officer)

Joe is the founder of Focus Group. With a defence force background in the South African military, Joe has specialised in private-sector security and risk management in Africa and the Middle-East for over 20 years. He has particular expertise in the oil, gas and mining sectors and has planned, coordinated and implemented operations in Sub-Sahara, East and West Africa, as well as the oil fields of Kurdish-controlled Northern Iraq, and Asia. Joe has been responsible for the implementation and management of high-level security for asset protection and personnel involving several multinationals operating in Africa and the Middle-East. He has delivered high-level threat assessments, including one for a major gas line construction project in the United States. Joe also started the Focus Foundation, which focusses on preventing or reducing wildlife crimes, human trafficking, and increasing community development. Additionally, he is a shareholder and director of botm Pty (Bringing Opportunities To Market), and BioKube Africa.

Emma Muller (Head of Strategy & Business Development)

Emma, with qualifications in International Affairs/International Law, Negotiation and Luxury Brand Management, joined Focus Group as a shareholder in 2017 and is responsible for Strategy and Business Development. Emma is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in advising on, and implementing, foreign direct investment projects for multinationals, financial institutions, private corporates and individuals. She is the founder and director of botm Pty (Bringing Opportunities To Market), co-founder of BioKube Africa and co-founder of Over the past 15 years, Emma has worked in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia and has a demonstrated track record in negotiation, business planning, project management, business development and government relations. Prior to her work as a foreign direct investment agent, Emma was a reporter for a number of notable publications including Reuters and The Financial Times.

Danie Zwarts (Chief Financial Officer)

Danie joined Focus Group in 2013 and oversees all financial matters for the Group. Danie graduated with an accounting degree from the University of Pretoria in 2009 and completed his articles in August 2013. During this time, Danie was responsible for preparing, planning and submitting strategy documents for audit engagements, researching and resolving audit issues, computation of corporation tax liability, tax planning, implementation of new accounting procedures and processes, preparing end of year statutory accounts and performed analysis and commentary on variances. In 2014, Danie passed his professional evaluation exam and became a full member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants. Danie also holds the title of Professional Tax Practitioner (SA).

Koos Sadie (Director of Operations)

Koos joined the Focus Group in 2013 and is responsible for all global operational aspects of the Group. Koos is also responsible for the planning, implementation and execution of counterfeit investigations for established global brand holders in the luxury goods, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Koos served in the South African National Defence Force as an Intelligence Practitioner for nearly 30 years. During his career, he served in various operational units and was also seconded to the Chilean Army as an instructor at the Chilean Army War College. Koos retired from the military, in 2002, with the rank of Colonel. He is a qualified assessor, moderator and verifier and is registered with various Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAs).

Stefan Crause (Logistics Manager)

Stefan started his career in the South African Defence Force, during which time he also studied to be a mechanical engineer. He then joined the private mining sector, as an assistant engineer to a company in Angola. Stefan subsequently supported various United Nations Programmes and private organisations with logistics supply solutions as well as mobile and fixed turn-key solutions.