Focus Foundation believes in the vital role that local communities play in the risk management work that we do and the industries that we serve. Often they are part of the solution, hence why we are committed to protecting and empowering the communities in which we operate. Our main focus areas are on anti-wildlife trafficking, anti-organ smuggling and improving access to water and sanitation.


  • Provide a clear project description and desired impact in one of the three focus areas.
  • Structure must be fully transparent
  • Make sure the information provided is complete and includes information about the project and sponsors, the organisation and financial reports.


The Focus Foundation engages in the following ways:

  • Project Support (through expert advice and mentoring);
  • Technical Assistance;
  • Fundraising Support;
  • Skills Transfer and Capacity Building.


The Foundation supports projects that aim to have a real impact on communities in the areas of anti-wildlife trafficking, anti-organ smuggling, and improved access to water and sanitation.